A new dress type of iron-blooded tough guy
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

The ideal female god in the new era: a new dress type of iron-blooded tough guy
When it comes to tough guys, perhaps everyone will imagine a man with various muscles and strength, such as Schwarzenegger. Guaiguai card, Svenman has been left behind by many boys. The new type of iron-blooded tough guy is the ideal male god for girls in the new era. You, Dao, rely on clothing, while Buddha relies on gold clothing. If you want to become the number one male god in the new era, you have to look at some tough guys recommended by the editor!

There are three types of tough guys to talk about in the first chapter: the motorcycle warrior riding a Harley, the jungle adventurer who trekking through the mountains and the river, and the western cowboy chasing freedom. Of course, there is naturally one of the most typical tough guys, that is, the soldier that many of us admire. If you have the demeanor of a soldier and soldier, you can also focus on dark green, black, blue and white, and choose the one that suits you. Accessories, it shouldn’t be bad! Let’s take a look at the three "tough guys" recommended by the editor!
Leather jacket: Saint Laurent, the price is about 39903 yuan

muscle-fit T-shirt: Alexander Wang, priced at about 1027 yuan

Boots: Saint Laurent, the price is about 6770 yuan

loose-fit cargo Pants: Saint Laurent, the price is about 3193 yuan

The core of the match: the motorcycle warrior, taking the leather route, bringing out the feeling of unruly and unruly is a breeze.