A shirt, suit, and tie can also be witty
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

Shirts, ties, and suits are essential daily wear for men. Does the same matching method make people unable to feel the excitement of life? If you can't break through the traditional collocation between shirts and tie suits, then you can only walk through the formal lifestyle of existence in a steady and ordinary way. However, more and more men are unwilling to accept this kind of mortal customs, and under the leadership of the needs of the new era, they have opened up an extraordinary and refined route. Through the clever matching of suits, shirts and ties, and shirts, he completed another fashion breakthrough.

How to match a suit, shirt, and tie in order to wear something new? This problem must have plagued many men. In the eyes of men, a three-piece suit is easy to wear and has a wide range of practical occasions, but it always brings a sense of languidness. Today, the editor solemnly launched six exquisite and innovative fashion collocations, so that you will have no worries about formal outfits in the future.
You must have this dark duffel suit in your closet. If it gives you a headache, just match it with him! Use a tie shirt with a green checkered texture and a black and white checkered shirt to match the men's spirited look. A purple and amorous pocket square make a manly charm among the three.

Despite the cruelty of high school and the burden of learning pressure, everything is over. Because you have successfully entered the last study of your life-university. The college life I dreamed of when I was a child has finally arrived. In college, you have to learn to be independent and confident, learn how to get along with your classmates, and learn how to fall in love for the first time in your life. Is this a bit at a loss for you who are still in high school? No matter in front of the teacher or in front of the classmates, you must first establish a better image. So this involves fashionable dress.

When it comes to fashion on campus, you don’t need to ask your clothes to be multiple and fashionable, but it is important to give people a quiet and artistic temperament. This is the most suitable you for students. But there is still a difference from the immature dress in high school. College life should also be the maturity of college students. This has stumped many boys. The editor has hidden a magic weapon that can easily create the most suitable college student dress, that is, knitwear. Quickly follow the editor to see what is the charm of this sweater!

The well-behaved sweater and the pop style collide with the temperament of the British college style. A black-framed glasses full of books, so all this seems so natural and artistic. A black bow tie suddenly mobilized the elegant temperament of the pop sweater.