Camouflage elements: modern and fashionable fast practice shortcuts
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

Camouflage elements: modern and fashionable fast practice shortcuts
The initial use of camouflage came from military uniform patterns that played camouflage in field operations. Later, it was used as a trend by designers in the fashion circle, and it was no longer invisible. High-profile has become a popular element in autumn and winter. In the fashion circle, camouflage is no longer associated with military uniforms, and camouflage has gone out of its own modern and fashionable path. In camouflage, we often find strong masculinity. It is this tough guy temperament that has allowed camouflage to gallop the fashion circle for so many years. In particular, the autumn and winter camouflage is even more popular. Let's see how the trendy people match it!
Camouflage denim shirt + camouflage pants

The camouflage in the blue denim shirt is indeed a bit unexpected. There is no too blatant sense of ostentation, but a vaguely tough temperament is revealed. Fashionistas have the determination to carry the camouflage to the end. Therefore, camouflage is also used in the matching of the lower body. Catalyzed by a baseball cap, a dynamic street tide quickly formed.
Camouflage jacket + watermelon red casual pants

Many people doubt that a domineering pattern like camouflage can be matched with the matte and even a little hypocritical watermelon red? This answer will be announced with the editor! The loose camouflage jacket and the watermelon red slacks collide with a sense of youthful vigor.