Casual and comfortable Japanese men's outfits
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

No matter what style it is, there is no one who doesn't care about height at all! It seems that there is no discrimination, but the discrimination still lives in the Japanese collocation. However, the matching of Japanese men's clothing is a style that doesn't pick height and doesn't look good. Today, I recommend these 3 collocation styles to everyone, so that you can easily become a daily trendy person!

Japanese men's clothing
  The characteristic of Japanese style is clean and tidy, so the matching style is basically dominated. Monochrome shirts, patterned jackets, pullovers, pullover sweater coats, monochromatic overalls, thread caps, hip-hop hats, casual shoes, Converse canvas shoes, canvas bags, these categories are all basic Japanese styles Prefabricated components. What kind of trousers should match the Japanese shirt? You can choose black trousers.

Japanese lazy style wear
The Japanese-style style is slightly looser, but it is not an oversized style that beats the beauty of the street. It is a style that fits closely and is slightly larger. Therefore, these tight-fitting clothes and trousers cannot be found in Japanese styles. . The color numbers in the Japanese lazy style wear are all low-saturated colors. Picking 2-3 colors at random to match each other is also very uncomfortable and beautiful. The pursuit of perfection in Japanese style is good-looking and unassuming, not as attractive as street hip-hop.

What pants go with Japanese shirts
Straight handsome guys all love Japanese menswear matching. The original and entertaining dressing match. After all, the basic color is best to wear beautifully. Gray-black T-shirts and jeans are matched with style. Concise and comfortable, with a pair of high-top shoes and white socks on the soles of your feet, the fashion trend and charm. Wear it this summer, it will give you a relaxed and handsome all season!