Classic retro fashion outfits show off the charm of this autumn
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

Classic retro fashion outfits show off the charm of this autumn
It is not difficult to find that the general trendy clothes come and go fast, and often settle down are some classics. And the combination of classical and retroelements can always bring us many surprises. The editor below brings a group of retro collocations of street masters, let us go back to the past and relive those classics!
Dark blue suit
Dark blue suit, very classic style, with some retro styles and styles, can reflect a man's gentleman temperament and extraordinary charm, so this style of men's collocation has always been unique. The burgundy pattern tie is one of the highlights. Watches and glasses add points to the complete set.
Denim shirt + overalls
The light blue denim shirt is also a must-have item in the wardrobe. Paired with black bib pants, this set of matching is very classic. There are some British styles in it. Men's matching is not necessary. Modifications, but some simple watches and glasses are actually very necessary.
Retro sweater + green casual pants
Pin sweater, simple design, with a strong retro style, matched with green pants, such a set is also very colorful, without extra gorgeous decoration, simple and beautiful.