Common matching recommendations for t-shirts
07.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

In the spring, I believe that everyone can't do without t-shirts. T-shirts are a very magical item. Just like jeans, they are fashionable no matter how they are worn and are very suitable for babies who don't know how to match them.
The following editor tells you what looks good under the t-shirt?
T-shirt + jeans first of all, of course, the most classic collocation. The combination of jeans and T-shirts is also good-looking when worn together. The back of the upper body is definitely fashionable and the effect can be doubled, and this is also a good way to wear it. People have a very simple and neat feeling, and it looks very comfortable. Black and white T is the two generals that will never go out of style, so when you can't figure out what pattern to buy, a simple black and white T can almost realize your fashion attitude. This simple style t-shirt is paired with high-waisted jeans, which is particularly stylish.
T-shirt + wide-leg pants, the combination of T-shirt and wide-leg pants are more commuting but not too serious to wear. If you want to be more formal, you can choose a solid color t. If you want a trendy style, you can choose to have a design. A sense of t, such as large prints, or splicing holes. This kind of plain body feels super comfortable, suitable for all occasions, it will give people a very temperamental feeling, and it looks very kind.
T-shirt + bibs, bibs are both casual and sturdy and wear-resistant, and they look very energetic when paired with t-shirts. T-shirt + bib is also a recommended collocation method.
These choices of bottoms and T-shirts are very beautiful and have different styles.