Daily Casual Wear For Men, Upgrade Your Qff-duty Look
06.24.2021 | | Verywear Article

Now it's the annual season change again. Girls have already smelled fashion and changed their dressing styles. As a boy, he should also act and be at the forefront of fashion. But many boys dress up carefully, which makes people really can't bear to look directly at them. Learn the following clothing collocation skills, get rid of the embarrassment of changing seasons, so that you can always be the presence of people's attention.

knitted sweatshirt
   1. The colors should match well
   The uniform color can be said to be the iron age of men's clothing. In terms of color matching, do not exceed three, which will look fancy. Of course, don't choose a color, it will look very monotonous. And remember to use strengths and avoid weaknesses in the choice of colors. Don't choose black series for thin people, don't choose white series for fat people. Don't choose khaki series for people black.
   If you are more entangled in the choice of color, you can choose a solid color series of clothes, pay attention to the principle of dressing in light and dark. It can make people focus on the upper body to achieve the purpose of showing height.

Tactical shorts
   Tactical shorts are a hot style this year. It incorporates the elements of binding feet. It will not look loose and bloated, but it can also reflect a sense of fashion. And these are mostly dark colors, so no matter how the upper body is matched, these trousers can make people shine.
  2. Clothes matching should be simple
   When the season is changing, there will always be people who like to innovate in clothing collocation to attract attention. But for many straight men, too cumbersome matching can easily lead to cumbersome effects. So if you feel that you are still a novice with matching, then everything should be simple.

ripped denim jeans
   The easiest collocation is to pair ripped denim jeans with a solid-color top. There are not too many collocation skills, but it looks clean. If you have a spirited face, it will give people a refreshing and clean feeling.
  3. The combination of shoes and socks cannot be ignored
  While choosing your own style and wearing it, you can't ignore the combination of shoes. Paired with a pair of suitable, clean shoes can add a lot to your overall match in terms of visual perception.

casual sports shoes
   Of course, the choice of shoes should not only be based on the design of the shoes but should be based on your style. You must not make the mistake of wearing casual clothes but wearing a pair of leather shoes.
   A pair of good-looking shoes also need to be matched with a pair of good-looking socks. For socks, the color should match the color of the pants as much as possible.

men's athletic socks
   This is a basic men's athletic socks, but because it is basic, there is no fancy decoration, simple and clean, giving people a very refreshing feeling.
4. Use accessories to embellish
   Boys’ accessories may not be as diverse as girls’ types, but every accessory for boys can be a finishing touch. If you are afraid of wearing too monotonous or simple, you can choose scarves, hats, watches and other accessories for embellishment.

   But if you choose jewelry for embellishment, it should also be based on the style and color of the outfit. It should not be too obtrusive, and it should not be too low-key to lose its sense of existence.
  Men's clothing matching skills make you the most eye-catching existence on the street at all times. Have you got it?