Do you know how to match men's clothing in autumn?
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

Autumn has arrived unknowingly, so how to match autumn men's clothing? How much do you know about autumn dressing and matching? The following four categories are the four most common autumn matching styles.

   The first category: a combination of a hooded sweater and sports pants. If you want to stay in the eyes of passers-by for a longer time, you must wear clothes that make your eyes suddenly bright, and the visual aesthetics are not fatigued! This type of match can be very good whether you are thin or fat. Good control of this collocation.
   The second category: T-shirts plus sports jackets and casual pants. The key to matching this kind of clothing is that it can make people feel comfortable and atmospheric, and it will also give people a sense of cleanliness and order. Very simple colors are not easy to give people a boring feeling. This kind of match looks very casual, and suitable for sports, personally a gentle atmosphere of the big boy next door.
   The third category: the combination of sweaters and jeans. This kind of collocation is very suitable for tall, delicate and slender boys. Usually, little girls can’t stand this kind of collocation. Coupled with a pair of sneakers, wherever you go, girls’ eyes are indispensable, and your skin is very white, then this Class collocation can make your dressing style to a higher level.
  Fourth category: T-shirt plus suitable coat
Some tallboys may easily control overcoats. If you are short and short, you should pay attention when choosing overcoats. You should not choose a coat that is too long, otherwise, it will appear that you are very low. A feeling of high coldness can give people a feeling of awe, so a big T-shirt with a coat and a pair of jeans will increase your taste and flash blind girls who want to strike up a conversation with you.