Early Spring and February Dressing Guide
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

Early Spring and February Dressing Guide There are tips for wearing coats and trench coats
The weather in early spring has not completely escaped the tail cold of winter, and sometimes the sudden drop in temperature still makes people shiver. This is a thin coat and trench coat and it's time for an interview. And those woolen or leather coats, please collect them first.
Wear leather and woolen coats
Wear a black base, put on a warm leather coat that looks like an extended version of a baseball jacket, and then slightly fold up the trousers, revealing delicate brown gentleman boots, simple and stylish.
Wear the casual base of the orange plaid shirt on the jeans, mix and match the formal double-breasted suit jacket, and the rigid leather long coat and high boots to create a personality.
If you want to choose a lightweight windbreaker, you can refer to this trendy man’s way of wearing it. The outer cover is long on the base of white T, denim cropped trousers and underpants (for men who are not used to it, they can change to fitted denim trousers). The version of the windbreaker, and then stack a short version of the checked flight jacket to create hierarchy and fun.
For the calm and introverted men, since they dare not boldly show high-profile behavior, you might as well use red accessories to embellish your clothes, and then give you a more uplifting mental outlook. Red scarves, red bags, red jackets, and red pants are all good ways. If you want to express calmness without losing focus and beauty, choose red items with plain clothes.
For designers, red is the best "eye-catching" artifact. A large area of ​​red can definitely know the height of visual stimulation, no wonder designers dare to use it boldly. Red short jacket with red harem pants The large area of ​​red gives people a sense of red heat. It becomes even warmer under the embellishment of bright yellow sweaters.