Easily Improve Men's Clothing Matching Skills
06.21.2021 | | Verywear Article

Fear of trouble is the nature of men, so many men choose clothes simply and simply. But it always feels boring to wear around, in order to show your taste and leave a good impression when you go out. Then for men's clothing, 3 kinds of collocations are recommended to you, and you can easily improve your clothing.

Men with stout figures are most suitable for single-breasted tops to fit the size
   Men with a stout figure are most suitable for single-breasted tops to fit the size so that they can highlight the thickness of the chest. Pay attention to the button at any time. Using a strap instead of a belt can keep the pants natural, the waist is not prominent, and will not make the waist of the trousers slip off so that other people will not divert their attention to your waist.

Men's clothing matching skills
  Men's clothing collocation skills, height, and fatness do not affect the taste and style of clothing, don't wear fat clothes and light colors, you can conceal your shortcomings and reflect your own style. Contrasting tops and pants should not be worn. The length of the jacket is slightly shorter to make the legs appear longer. Long lapels and pockets should be used for the jacket.

Men's clothing matching principles
   In the principle of menswear matching, thin stripes should not be used in suits for tall and thin men, otherwise, it will show the defects of the figure, and the plaid pattern is the best choice. The color of the jacket and the pants are contrasting sharply, which is better than wearing a full suit. The double-breasted wide-necked style is more suitable. What do you think of menswear matching skills?