European and American menswear collocation, fashion casual and stylish
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

Fashion and simple collocation can also let you quickly exude the aristocratic atmosphere of Europe and America, set off the unrivaled and true personality of trendy men, and let passers-by on the street shine on you. So how do you wear European and American men's clothing? These European and American style dressing skills quickly learn!

long-sleeved jacket
  The most important thing about European and American styles is no-good items. Classic no-good items can never go wrong. Especially in winter, boys have a long-sleeved jacket in their wardrobe. A woolen long-sleeved jacket is paired with a pair of small pants and a pair of black shoes. A rock-style men's match appeared very wild and handsome men's British-style street shooting.

turtleneck sweater
In fact, in men's European and American style dressing and matching, a turtleneck sweater is an indispensable popular item. Every year turtleneck sweaters are relatively popular. Pure white turtleneck sweaters are paired with jeans, and the trousers of the jeans are slightly rolled. Beginning with a pair of Martin boots, a simple and stylish match of European and American boys' clothing came out.

Long trench coat
  European and American men's collocation. If you want a men's collocation of American street style, you can choose the collocation between formal and casual. It is not as old-fashioned as occasionally and can go in and out of some occasions. You can choose a long trench coat with slim jeans, a pair of white sneakers look fashionable. It can not only become the focus of fashion in the office, but also a fashion match that is suitable for casual occasions.