Fashion trend "Korean polo shirt" matching skills
07.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

At present, the Korean version of the polo shirt is the favorite of the majority of corporate customers. Next, let's take a look at some common matching skills of the Korean version of the polo shirt:

The sky-blue Korean version of the POLO shirt with big polka dots, the polka dot style, breaks through the previous conventional design and adds more trendy elements. Even the choice of colors is very particular and very individual. I believe such a POLO shirt will definitely make you more attractive.

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The grass-green Korean version of the polo shirt is very dynamic. In fact, both boys and girls will be very suitable for this color. It looks good and is not easy to collide with the shirt. The white pinstripe shuttles and adds a sense of change. With khaki pants, curly straw hat, and sunglasses, it looks cool.

Earthy yellow is not as eye-catching as bright yellow, but it is more calm and domineering. This khaki Korean version of the polo shirt has a very unique pattern design. It is more stylish with a collar. It is stylish with khaki pants and a blue handbag.

The men’s British style partial self-cultivation Korean version of the POLO shirt with polka dots. The whole dress is white. The collar and cuffs are decorated with polka dots so that the whole POLO shirt does not look plain. strange.

The minimalist white Korean version of the polo shirt. The overall use of white gives a beautiful impression of sunshine. The black piping is just right to decorate the clothes. It fits closely with the body curve and can better show the chest muscles and biceps. It undoubtedly adds a lot of masculine charm. With grass-green trousers, it is simple and comfortable to look at.

This trendy color of the light gray spliced ​​Korean version of the POLO shirt, the overall look of the clothes is a light gray color, but in the details of the collar, cuffs, pockets, etc., spliced ​​with blue color, so the whole clothes look also It has its own style.