Handsome and refreshing gentleman style guide
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

Today's society pays great attention to a person's appearance and outer clothing. For boys who want to develop in society, dressing and matching and their men's wear skills are becoming more and more necessary. So, today I will introduce you to a gentleman's guide to how to wear it. It's cool and refreshing. Hurry up and collect it!

British gentleman style
For the British gentleman style, the characteristics depend on dressing and matching. Fitting suits, long coats and shiny black leather shoes. This kind of design style is more suitable and perfect for people who look very calm and stable. temperament. For example, a dark gray suit with a black windbreaker on the outside looks very declarative and full of temperament.

Green suit
   If you don’t want to wear a complete suit, you can choose to wear a green suit. The jeans can be matched with a pair of dark gray straight-leg trousers and a pair of gray-black Oxford shoes. The color of the bow tie is unassuming gray and black, which can be very well matched with suits and boots.

Scottish checkered casual suit jacket
If you want to have a sense of leisure and entertainment, you can also do not need to wear a very serious formal suit, like a cool guy, a Scottish checkered casual suit jacket with a gray-black sweater with a turtleneck, pull up one There are not too many fancy jeans, a piece of bright red cotton socks are exposed to complement the clothes and pants, and a pair of loafers are selected for the boots, which is full of leisure and entertainment without losing the sense of fashion. Have you learned how to dress for a gentleman?