How can you miss a round-brimmed hat when you travel in spring?
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

How can you miss a round-brimmed hat when you travel in spring?
Spring is a good time to travel. Wearing a round-brimmed hat can not only protect your skin from the sun but also lead the fashion trend. So, which dress style should the round-brimmed hat match?

Black, white and gray dress up adds coolness
Black and white dress up

  The simple clothing with white, gray, and black as the main colors wears a round-brimmed hat, which can add a brightening effect to the monotonous clothing and make the overall dress show a personality and fashion style.
Casual wear is more fashionable: round-brimmed hat with denim clothes, round-brimmed hat with jeans

The most distinctive feature of the    round-brimmed hat is that it is also a perfect combination with the denim clothing we usually wear. With denim tops or jeans, you can choose a round-brimmed hat to fully bloom its charm. You don't need to emphasize the special design of clothing, and you can wear it perfectly. In this spring when the temperature difference between day and night is large, you can also wear a suit jacket outside.
Round-brimmed hat for lazy people to go out
   There is also the welfare of lazy men. In spring, you can still go out without washing your hair, because there are fashionable and fashionable round-brimmed hats. No matter how unkempt the lazy men are, wearing a round-brimmed hat can confidently support their sunny days.