How To Choose A Good Down Jacket, Only 1% Of People Know
06.21.2021 | | Verywear Article

Winter is coming, the weather is so cold, should you add down jackets to your wardrobe? Now down jackets are now super fashionable, and warm and fashionable clothing is popular this year. So, how to choose a down jacket? Today I recommend you how to choose a good down jacket, only 1% of people know.

How to choose men's puffer jacket with hood
  How to choose a down jacket, to be able to choose a down jacket with excellent thermal performance, the most important thing is to look at the down content of a down jacket. People often refer to "down and down", but in fact, feathers with rods are collectively referred to as feathers, and down refers to florets of goose down and duck down.

Down jacket with excellent thermal performance
   How do more experienced consumers choose down jacket clothes? They will pay attention to the amount of down because it is down that really keeps warm. If a down jacket is 90% down, then whether it is filled with duck down or goose down, it is considered a relatively high specification down jacket.

How to choose a good down jacket
   When it comes to good down jackets, everyone thinks of big-name down jackets. However, the price of this down jacket is correspondingly high, and if you want to start, it is still somewhat difficult. In fact, many good brands of down jackets in China now have 90% down quality online, and the price is very affordable. If high-cost performance is your shopping pursuit, then you might as well consider these brands. What do you think about how to choose a good down jacket?