How To Choose The Right Coat For Tall Men
06.21.2021 | | Verywear Article

Tall men are easily discouraged from overcoats because they always feel that their overcoats are too low for their height. But in fact, this just won't choose the right coat. It won't match the one-meter-eight and will also wear a 1.5-meter-long sense of sight. How do tall men choose the right coat? Choose according to these five points.

H-shaped coat
   Tall and wear long coats, it is best to choose H-shaped coats. The H-shaped coat is the easiest to control, straight cut, the vertical lines are smooth and neat, and the overall figure is slender and tall. When choosing, focus on fit.

The shoulder line is important
      Another feature of the H-shaped coat is that the shoulder line is obvious, which is essential to prop up the coat. Don't choose the shoulder style for short stature, it will look very sloppy; obvious and suitable shoulder line can make the shoulders look more stiff and stylish, with epaulets design is more suitable for men with sloping shoulders or narrow shoulders, but choose the material Lightweight fabric, too hard, will have a heavy feeling of pressure.

A thin collar is more slender
  The big collar is particularly high. The bigger and wider the collar, the more test the height. Narrow suit collar, neat and energetic, the higher the opening of the neckline, the higher the vision will be.

Prefer medium and long models
   It is best to choose a medium-length style for a tall windbreaker with a suitable length, not the other way around, and a coat that is half-length and not short reveals the proportions of the body. The mid-length model with the length just above the knee is more friendly to tall.

Preferred cashmere material
   Don't be stingy when choosing a coat. The material must be made of cashmere. It is not only light and warm, but also has a great fit and comfort, and it won't be too compact.

   How do tall men choose the right coat? Hurry up and choose the coat that suits you.