How To Match A Graffiti t-shirt with a hat This Summer
07.07.2021 | | Verywear Article

What hat looks good with a graffiti t-shirt
Graffiti T-shirts are very popular this summer. The graffiti patterns will be more casual, less restrictive, and look quite individual. Then, what hat should we wear when we wear graffiti T-shirts?

1. Graffiti t-shirt with the baseball cap
As a fashion trendy man, what I care most about wearing is to be sexy. In order to make myself more eye-catching when going out, I will never miss any trendy items, but the one with the highest wearing rate should be This graffiti T-shirt is out, I just can't put it down.
2. Graffiti t-shirt with fisherman hat
At that time, I chose this T-shirt because I was attracted by its design. The surface of the T-shirt is full of graffiti prints, which fully reflect the sense of fashion and the street. Wearing it is simply a cool boy himself. What makes me even more amazing is that it is very comfortable to wear, and it does not feel stuffy after a day. The quality is very nice.
3. Graffiti t-shirt with a sun hat
This graffiti T-shirt is really versatile. Usually, you can go out with a pair of shorts at random. Sometimes to increase the sense of fashion, I will also match a necklace and a hat. Don’t be too eye-catching! If you also If you want to increase the rate of returning, you must get it!
Have you learned these three ways of matching graffiti T-shirts with hats?