How to match a short sleeve t-shirt more advanced?
07.08.2021 | | Verywear Article

How to match a casual t-shirt more advanced? New tricks every day
Casual t-shirts are a must-have item in spring and summer. Spring and summer without casual t-shirts are incomplete, but short sleeve t-shirts will give people a more monotonous feeling. How to wear them to have new tricks? The following editor will tell you how to look good with short sleeve t-shirts?

1. short sleeve t-shirt + hip-hop jeans
The most common way to wear short sleeve t-shirts and hip-hop jeans is that they are fresh and casual. They are also all-match items. Those who have been loved by the trendy people always wear a pair of casual shoes. They are full of youth. Choose a printed short sleeve t-shirt with ripped jeans, and you can look handsome and layered on your usual short sleeve t-shirts!

2. short sleeve t-shirt + overalls
Youth and liveliness have always been synonymous with bib pants. With a simple solid color short sleeve t-shirt, the fresh and energetic street style is completed. Recommend pink short sleeve t-shirt with suspenders jeans, high waistline, loose version, tapered leg design, which can perfectly modify the leg shape, plus the embellishment of fashionable baseball caps, fresh and artistic, this kind of collocation will look good no matter how you wear it.

3. short sleeve t-shirt + retro denim shorts
This is a well-recognized fashion way to wear. All-match short sleeve t-shirts and various types of hip-hop denim shorts are good partners. A simple solid-color short sleeve t-shirt can well neutralize the coldness of jeans. Simple, casual and effortless fashion.
These kinds of different casual t-shirts are all very good-looking, no longer have to worry about wearing t-shirts will be boring, you can wear different collocations every day.