How to match men's autumn and winter clothing and indispensable shoes?
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

I believe that in life, many boys, like me, think that the quality of clothes does not matter much. The quality of shoes and comfort is very important. Before, I introduced the matching of autumn and winter men’s clothing. So, this time, I will introduce to you how to wear autumn and winter shoes.

   In the autumn we most commonly see these kinds of shoes Martin boots, leather shoes, loafers, casual shoes, canvas shoes, then how to match these kinds of shoes?
   The handsome Martin boots are paired with jeans and loose cotton clothes, which are straightforward and capable. In autumn and winter, wearing tight leather pants and Martin boots, wearing a long knitted jacket, fashion and warmth. Martin boots are paired with a mid-length cartoon shirt. Look at Tang Yan's collocation, is it missing a cool taste, a little more playful and lively.
   Men’s leather shoes are also divided into many types, including casual and formal shoes. If we are wearing casual shoes, some casual pants are also fine. But don't wear any sports pants, because this style is not suitable for leather shoes, especially men's leather shoes.
  Loafers are very suitable for some boys in the morning, who do more casual work and wear them in the past. Putting on loafers gives people a bad and leathery feeling, but loafers are indeed very fashionable representatives. The most we see is loafers with cropped trousers, with short ankles, giving people a feeling of not wanting temperature for the sake of demeanor.
   Casual shoes are almost all-match, suitable for casual clothes, but also suitable for jeans pants. This kind of shoes is comfortable for the feet and suitable for sports. Casual shoes are an indispensable type of shoes on our shoe cabinet.
   Casual shoes can be matched with casual tops and trousers. Tops can be matched according to the color of the shoes and trousers. Try not to have too many colors in one suit. There are many styles and comfortable feet. It is suitable for anyone to try.