How to match trendy casual t-shirts this summer?
07.07.2021 | | Verywear Article

There are actually many choices for matching casual t-shirts. If you want to match pants, casual pants or hip-hop jeans will be popular this summer. If you match ripped denim shorts, you can choose some brighter special styles, which will be very fashionable.

1.Casual t-shirt with casual pants
First of all, the first way to wear a casual t-shirt and casual pants is the combination of casual t-shirts and casual pants. Here we chose a more refreshing color. White casual t-shirts are definitely a very common style in summer. Choose a khaki color. Casual pants will look particularly good when paired together, and they will be very comfortable for people wearing them.

2.Casual t-shirt with men's ripped denim shorts

If you want to be a little more formal and have a little temperament, you can choose to match the ripped denim shorts. This year, this year is actually very popular. This kind of ripped denim shorts is very good-looking. If you match this kind of ripped denim shorts, then the T-shirt The print is as simple as possible to look better.

3. Casual t-shirt with hip hop jeans
The last is the matching of casual t-shirts and hip hop jeans. Friends who want to wear long legs are sure to be right. Putting the hem of the T-shirt into the hip-hop jeans is particularly energetic. The key to this matching method is It is best that the colors of the upper and lower body should be the same color so that there will be a feeling of extension, showing thinness and tallness.

Which one do you prefer to match these two casual t-shirts?