How to wash cotton t-shirts without deformation
07.16.2021 | | Verywear Article

Cotton t-shirts are easily deformed and shrunk during cleaning. It should be a problem that many people have encountered. Many people have a headache. The method of cleaning cotton t-shirts is very important. Let’s learn how to wash it together. Right! How to wash a cotton t-shirt without getting deformed 1. Prepare a basin of clean water and start washing clothes. Do not rub the clothes too hard, especially the neck collar. 2. After washing, throw in clean water. When wringing is the most critical time, you must not twist it hard. The strength of your twist determines the change of the clothes. 3. After wringing out, do not hang clothes, hang them directly on the clothes rail. If possible, it is best to lay the clothes flat to dry. 4. Pure cotton clothes are not suitable for drying in the washing machine, and the clothes are easily deformed. 5. You can use the clothes drying rack when the clothes are dry quickly because the moisture will not be deformed after being dried. Points to note when cleaning pure cotton t-shirts 1. Generally, pure cotton products will shrink, because pure cotton products have strong alkali resistance and can be washed with various soaps and lotions; 2. The water temperature should be controlled below 35°C; 3. It shouldn't be a long time to soak in detergent to prevent fading. What is the best way to wash cotton t-shirts? It is best to use acid-containing detergents such as soap so that it can achieve the neutralization effect and is not easy to deform. It is better to use a special detergent for pure cotton. Maintenance method of pure cotton t-shirt ①The folded area can be ironed at medium temperature with a steam iron. Printing, wrinkle removal. ②The faded cotton T-shirt can be rinsed in water with beer after washing, and the fade can be restored. ③Pure cotton T-shirt is very easy to absorb moisture, so when storing it, it is best to put it in the closet, so as to avoid the erosion of moisture and acid gas.