How to wear a suit for obese men? Obey these 3 rules
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

How do obese men wear suits? This is a problem for many obese people, because they are fatter, and suits are not so formal. They either look sloppy and fatter or look shorter overall, not to mention their clean and neat temperament. How do obese men wear suits? Follow these 3 rules, and the matching will not look bad.
Fit is the number one rule
The same person puts on suits with different effects, showing a completely different mental outlook: a loose suit reveals the shortcomings of its own fatness, while a well-fitting suit is very energetic and capable. No matter what kind of figure it is, fit is always one of the rules that cannot be discarded. Compared with ordinary people, people with obese bodies are more suitable for deep V-neck type, and the neckline is usually made larger. This is because it strengthens the sense of facial lines, thereby concealing the convexity of the belly and playing a more Effective slimming effect. Reduce the number of pockets, and the shape of your pockets can easily make your flesh look more "fat", like a mosaic of walking.
Men wearing motorcycle leather jackets feel like a bit of a bad "ruffly boy" charm, but many sisters also love this ruffian boy. How to match it to make the motorcycle leather jacket look cool and give people Manly and more stylish?

This motorcycle leather jacket is relatively stable and not too trendy. Simply match jeans and rivet t-shirts to create a very character style. In Nike high-top sneakers bring a more casual atmosphere.

The way to wear motorcycle leather jackets is not necessarily mature and stable, but they can also be very handsome. The interior is very important. Wearing this kind of sweater with a white shirt is very youthful, and black pants and Martin short boots can be worn more tough and cool. The backpack allows us to witness the entire campus-style once again.
If you want to wear motorcycle leather jackets more high-profile. You can choose a floral shirt to match it.