It’s OUT if you only wear men's clothes
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

It’s OUT if you only wear men's clothes
The rap and hip-hop singers in my impression are all cool and cool, and their outfits are also very cool. However, what you can never think of is that their handsomeness also needs support from women's clothing, especially the hip-hop singers headed by Kany West have put on women's clothing, which seems to indicate that fashion is genderless, as long as they can convey their own personality, don't care about him so much. !
Kany Westceline wears a lady's printed shirt

The "behind-the-scenes" who set off this trend was definitely Kanye West. He wore a Celine print shirt with a strong man and upset all the netizens. Don’t say, this jacket of the queen of minimalism was worn in There really is an indescribable harmony in him.
Kany Westceline wears a Pyrex sports sweatshirt

Ever since I wore a blouse, I was out of control. Facing the androgynous trend in the fashion industry, I also accepted it with kindness. So we saw this leather skirt, the Pyrex sports sweatshirt matched with it, and more Is this more cross-border and more explosive?

Kany Westceline wears a Givenchy dog ​​sweater

   Of course, as a rapper, street-style clothes are indispensable. Givenchy's famous dog sweaters still prepared two pieces. Looks like a heavy metal person!