Lamb wool coat collocation is fashionable, stylish and versatile
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

men's lamb wool coat

Characteristics of lamb wool

The English name of lamb wool is (lambswool). As the name suggests, lamb wool is derived from the first shearing of sheep's wool. The texture of lamb's wool is relatively soft, feels very comfortable, washable, and has very good warmth retention performance. It is most suitable for those warm coats.

Maintenance of lamb hair

Lamb wool fabrics must be washed by hand, and never in a washing machine. Choose some mild detergent with a pH value of less than 7, and then mix the water and cold water together. Remember not to twist or tighten it, or it will lose its original shape. If you need to use hot water to melt the soap, cool it down before washing it. Drying clothes is also a delicate matter. Because lamb hair is elastic, it should be spread directly on the grid for drying as much as possible.

Lamb wool is an indispensable and important item for keeping warm this autumn and winter. What are the highlights of this year's men's lamb wool coat under the precise creation of the designer? Whether it is a trendy man with an unruly personality, a handsome man, or a stylish gentleman, they all love this lamb fur coat. It is not only its warmth retention but also its fashion potential. Today I have sorted out a few classic men's lamb wool coats. As for which one do you like? Decide for yourself!