Leader style: generous and meticulous dress style very well-dressed
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

Some powerful figures in the world are always the focus of media attention, and their every move is imitated by a large number of people, and of course the dress is no exception. The 43rd World Economic Forum came to an end in Davos, Switzerland. Many experts believe that the overall high mood of this forum is rare in the past five years, which means that the financial crisis has passed. Looking at the outstanding style of the political and business leaders present, perhaps the optimistic expectations for 2013 are not unreasonable.

  Dmitry Medvedev

   Nationality: Russian Age: 47 years old

   Status: Prime Minister of Russia

   Medvedev has become more fashionable in recent years. Not only did the suit get tighter, the tie became thinner, and the forum also wore a chic Chesterfield coat. Perhaps in time, Putin's idol status in the minds of women in the country will be shaken.

  David-David Cameron

   Nationality: British Age: 46 years old

   Status: British Prime Minister

   Cameron, who came from an aristocratic family, has never neglected his clothes. The well-used black suit and his favorite blue tie really match his 6-foot-tall standard figure, but maybe he needs to discover some more personalized elements.