Men's British style wear, high rate of turning back
06.21.2021 | | Verywear Article

Britain has the precipitation of classic elegance and the rebelliousness of passion and rebellion. Britain is also the hometown of suits, and British clothing is also a necessary factor for gentlemen to wear. So, what are the techniques for men in retro style in England? In fact, if you want to dress in retro style for men, you only need one stroke to easily change into trendy men, and the rate of turning back is super high.

British style likes to use color to enrich the level
  British style likes to use color to enrich the level because whether it is the boys' British college style or the daily wear, the dark whole body with no level will appear depressing and stereotyped. Therefore, if you want to wear the British style, you still have to consider the overall coordination and try to follow the principle of color matching of light on the top and dark on the bottom, and the color matching is very handsome.

Collar and cuff positions can be layered in the same color
   In stacking, we can also mix and match these colors wantonly. For example, we can stack the same color at the neckline and cuffs, transition between shades, and use local bright colors to shift the visual focus to high places. Or choose plaid, stripes, geometric color block splicing clothing, which is relatively easy to control, which can also improve your own aesthetics.

Color matching
   However, if you want jackets and long coats, you need to match colors. The greater the color difference, the stronger the sense of presence, and vice versa. Therefore, in our lives, it is best to wear some bigger colors. What do you think of men's British style?