Off-shoulder T-shirt with shorts, cool and beautiful in summer
07.07.2021 | | Verywear Article

The summer dress is mainly refreshing, but you can't lose your style and charm. So choosing summer styles is very important. The off-shoulder T-shirt and shorts are great. Next, let's take a look at the detailed information with the editor of World Apparel.

Light pink off-shoulder T-shirt, with personality and taste, and the loose version can hide the flesh. It looks thin and stylish when worn on the body. With white pleated skirt pants, it makes you sweeter and moving. It is also a favorite of many Korean girls. modeling. Walking on the street wearing this suit is absolutely eye-catching, and the temperament is very good.

White strapless T-shirt with floral shorts, high-top canvas shoes, black backpack, such a small and fresh dress, 100% return rate, petite girls wear this way, very beautiful.

Camouflage off-shoulder T-shirt, full of personality, wear it to instantly transform into a trendy girl, with white high-waist shorts, it is also a loose version, lazy and casual style, simple and comfortable, with small black leather shoes, handsome and full.

The white off-shoulder blouse, exquisite lace elements, pure and versatile white color, and the neckline is decorated with hot diamond elements, allowing you to instantly transform into a gentle little woman, matching with ripped denim shorts, wearing sandals, simple and refreshing.