One way to solve the worries in winter: V-neck sweater + shirt
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

One way to solve the worries in winter: V-neck sweater + shirt
In the process of matching, men often encounter such problems. Once the jacket is bought, how should the inner pair be matched? Especially in such a cold winter, style and warmth are essential. Jacky Cheung and Jiahui Cheung, who had not seen them for a long time, made the right match for all men in the promotion of the new film: V-neck sweater + shirt. This further proves that the V-neck sweater + shirt is the king of businessmen.
   Jacky Cheung, who attended the new film promotion, chose a color-blocking V-neck sweater, polka-dot shirt and blue-gray tie, and then put on round glasses, deducing the retro and elegant uncle style that is popular this season. On the other hand, Zhang Jiahui wore a more elegant blue V-neck sweater, matched with a solid-color shirt and a tie of the same color as the sweater, to highlight his youthful and capable temperament.

refreshing men's wear case

   Maison Martin Margiela blue V-neck sweater, about RMB 3,270

   Maison Martin Margiela white shirt, about 2,030 yuan

   Burberry London color matching tie RMB 955

   The combination of clean blue and white is almost suitable for men of all ages, without any complicated design, simplicity is the essential style for businessmen, and the embellishment of color-blocking tie enhances the overall sense of fashion.