"Refreshing" summer trendy men's clothing collocation
07.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

In the sweltering summer, how to choose a comfortable dress to dress is the most appropriate? In the face of this series of doubts, you don’t have to feel blindly confused. Follow the cutting-edge footsteps and enter the "cool" summer fashion week in advance!

The color vest is mainly made of cool light green, light yellow, light blue, and beige. The depth is more or less engraved on the whole coat, giving people a colorful and gorgeous vision, matching the lower body Pure white casual shorts and casual sports shoes under the feet are also colored in dark green color, and the black hip-hop hat on the head is worn backward, giving people a fashionable and refreshing feeling overall.

The whole jacket is made of black and red collisions, which add masculine charm to the colorful. The lower body is matched with a pair of pure white cool shorts, and a pair of pure black men’s casual fashion shoes are used at the feet. Man's charm and temperament.

The colorful upright and inverted triangles give people a different kind of charm. The lower body is matched with a pair of pure black casual trousers, and the sneakers under the feet are also very good-looking. A dark blue denim hip-hop hat is worn on the head. A casual and avant-garde feeling.

Vertical stripes of white and black, comfortable visual effect, a black and white loose T-shirt inside, a pair of light gray shorts on the lower body, red rope sneakers under the feet, dark blue hat on top of the head reversed, and blue lenses Fashionable sunglasses echo each other, and the feeling of a cool summer is particularly prominent.

Light green, dark blue, and white are interspersed, and the whole jacket is fully adjusted. The lower body is matched with a pair of casual gray pants. The red socks exposed by the curling of the trousers are particularly prominent. The domineering men's fashionable pointed-mouth leather shoes on the feet Are also particularly unique and beautiful.