Seven Stylish Dressing Skills For Handsome Men
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

After all, everyone is attracted to a certain extent. But, make yourself look better. You need to improve your appearance through retouching, fashion and personalization. I will provide you with 7 fashion tips for men to make you look more attractive and handsome.

  1, match clothes with a belt
   Women always pay attention to men's clothes. So, what should you do to match it correctly? Well, you can use the belt to your advantage. Whenever you wear a belt, make sure to match it with your other clothes. If your belt matches your pants correctly, then your clothes will not be disturbed in any way. This will not only show women the style you know, but it will also give you an illusion that you are taller than you actually are.
   2. Keep clothes clean

Your clothes should be handled and kept properly. Think about it, when you buy a new pair of shoes, you should take proper precautions to not make your clothes look dirty. Make sure there are no stains on your body and make sure that your clothes always look clean! In addition, be sure to check the internal label on the clothes to see the correct washing method.
   3. Throw away old clothes

   For every fashion, one day will go out of fashion. So what would you do? Throw away your old clothes! You don't have to throw them away but donate them. The old clothes are gone, and you will always be fresh.
   4. Make sure your shirt collar is neat

   Every time you clean up, you need to keep this technique in mind. The collar of the shirt is always dangling around and sometimes looks messy. Well, you can actually take the double-sided tape and tie down the shirt collar. This will ensure that your collar will not move, which looks great!
   5. Use red

  Red means you are a man. For women, red represents interest and dominance. It makes women want to approach you and understand your full identity. You may not believe me, but please lookup. Red is a good color to match in clothing. If implemented properly, you will find how lucky you are.

   6. Roll-up sleeves appropriately

   Dressing up is a problem that some people encounter. In addition to the shirt collar mentioned earlier, this should also be used. The correct way to roll up your sleeves is to roll a large roll to the middle of your forearm, and then half roll it up a little above your elbow. This is the best looking and will provide you with the best forearm definition. As we all know, women cannot resist the forearm!
  7, folded shirt vertically

   Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep things tidy when folding clothes. Well, this hack got rid of this problem for you. Rather than fold the shirts horizontally and stack them on the dressing table, fold them vertically. When you fold the shirts vertically and place them side by side, you can hold more shirts. In addition, you will no longer need to search on the dressing table to find a specific shirt. All your shirts are visible to you!