Simple and stylish men's striped clothing to wear
06.24.2021 | | Verywear Article

When it comes to wearing men, they don’t feel much connection with them. In fact, men can also be exquisite men, especially men born in the 90s. How can they become the pioneers of street fashion? A set of handsome men’s stripes will let you Become the brightest cub on this street, the men’s den teaches you that this outfit is more popular, and it’s a blinding operation.

Striped wear
   off-white striped sweater + brown casual pants
   The little brother is wearing an off-white striped sweater with a light-colored coat outside, which is simple and layered. With brown slacks, a pair of light gray high-top shoes, and a brown woolen hat on the head, it is handsome and full of coolness!

Off-white striped sweater + brown casual pants
   striped shirt + pants matching
   A man wearing a striped shirt will give people a clean temperament, and will also appear to be gentle on the whole person, which will make girls feel good. The matching of striped shirts is of course more versatile, but it is recommended that jeans or casual pants are the main choices. With a pair of white shoes, the sense of sight of the man next door.

Striped shirt + pants matching
  Classic black and white striped T-shirt + khaki casual pants
The light blue denim jacket is paired with a classic black and white striped T-shirt. The khaki slacks are comfortable to wear, which gives people a fashionable and youthful feeling. The striped T-shirt is also very clean, and there will be a small rate of turning back when walking on the street. Oh. Striped outfits for handsome men are a fashion that you can't appreciate.

 Classic black and white striped T-shirt + khaki casual pants
Some people feel that stripes will look very earthy, as long as they are worn well, stripes are also the most fashionable element, so wearing skills is also a knowledge, as long as they can match, seemingly simple items can also be matched. Different styles, what kind of men can easily master, don't worry about wearing the uncle fan.