Slightly fat trendy male clothing collocation
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

Nowadays, many boys are faced with the problem of being slightly fatter. It is very difficult to wear them casually and they will look fat when they must be warm and cold when they are dressed in winter. It’s not too difficult to say that it’s difficult to match the outfits of micro-fat trendy men. Come and learn about the matching of micro-fat trendy men!

Overweight boys wear
   For men who are obese, they must be lightning-proof. That is to say, light-toned clothing is matched. Because light-toned clothing has the actual effect of returning light, it will also look fatter. You can see the comparison of the two boys in the picture. The darker color looks thinner. Therefore, when matching fat men's clothing, you must avoid the restricted area of ​​light colors.

The gray-black windbreaker jacket style is simple and atmospheric, and it is very aura
   The body type of boys who are obese has no advantages. Therefore, when choosing clothing matching styles, you don't have to choose clothes with too complicated styles and patterns, which will increase your body shape. The gray-black windbreaker jacket is simple and elegant, and it is very aura. The simple style can not only bypass the restricted area of ​​the body shape but also makes it easier to get started. The slightly sleeveless style can also assist the tool to cover the body shape.

Fat boys wear thin legs
   It may be a top priority for boys who are obese to wear thin legs. There are many ways to show thin legs, but the stacking method is more suitable in winter. The gray-black jacket is matched with a light coffee-colored hooded sweater. The fashion trend is simple and atmospheric, which is very suitable for going out at ordinary times. The texture created by stacking can also add a lot to the dressing and dressing style. What do you think about the matching of micro-fat trendy men's clothing?