Style Guide Of Stylish Men's Summer Shorts 2021
07.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

Before wearing a pair of shorts for men in summer, read this selection guide first, so you guys can easily wear a stylish style.
When it comes to summer, hot and cool shorts for men are equated to men. Although some guys still use trousers to create their summer looks, but most people choose cool shorts for men.
Speaking of summer, a season in which many boys are confused about their summer looks causes fewer and fewer fashion items for them to choose from, and they can't really go out shirtless. Unlike winter, they can use a variety of layers to create a fashionable look. summer shorts for men and casual t-shirts are the choices of many guys.
So it’s the same shorts. Why do you wear them completely different from what others wear? Others wear them as a trendy style. When you wear them, it’s like a retired old man walking around.

In fact, the fewer clothes you can choose, the more you test one's aesthetic taste, especially the attention to detail. If you feel that your shorts are not fashionable enough, you may have a problem when choosing shorts.

Either it's not suitable for you. Either the problem is the tailoring. Before wearing shorts in summer, how do you choose the men's shorts that suit you?

Men's summer shorts buying skills:
1. The length should be above the knee
When choosing shorts for men, length is very important. Especially for boys who have poor body proportions and are not tall enough, they must grasp the length of their shorts so as not to affect their bodies.
There is a trend of shorts that are getting shorter and shorter. Many boys’ shorts are almost the same as girls’ shorts. But one thing to pay attention to is that the distance between 8~10cm above the knee is the limit for men to choose shorts. Exceeding the length of this kind of shorts will test your leg shape on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will appear to be somewhat feminine.
From the above length, it can be clearly seen that even if it is called shorts, it is not as short as possible. If the pants are shorter, on the one hand, it looks very embarrassing in daily movements.
On the other hand, if the legs are thick and the shorts are tightly wrapped around the legs, the effect is almost as if the underwear is worn out to make people feel very strange. In fact, as long as you add a distance of about three centimeters, you will find that it looks more comfortable, not only the coolness is not discounted, but it looks a little more stable.

2. The cutting of shorts should be compliant
The version of the suit mentioned here is not the kind of tailoring that is very slim and tightly wrapped around the body. Version-type suiting refers to the effective modification of thighs and conceals the shortcomings of one's own leg shape.
The neatly tailored three-dimensional shorts are more energetic than the loose shorts. Pants that are too tight will be uncomfortable and too loose, just like going out with a sack, but will not achieve the effect of self-cultivation.
There is a 1~2 cm distance from the skin. It is best to choose a straight cut. The shorts of this design will not restrict our actions, but can also modify the proportion of the body.

3. Choose a fabric with good breathability
Many boys often don’t pay attention to this. Girls have some knowledge of fabrics. Boys often feel that they look good, or if they feel okay on their own, they will choose, but after buying it, you will find that Some fabrics are not only not rare. Instead, it sticks to the body and looks very sloppy. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a fabric with good air permeability and excellent sweat absorption, such as pure cotton or modal Tencel. You can also choose blended fabrics, usually, blended fabrics are more resistant to fabrication and have the advantages of natural fabrics.