The best supporting role scarf for autumn and winter
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

The best supporting role scarf for autumn and winter
It's freezing cold, and your neck must have suffered a lot of sin. As a must-have scarf for men in autumn and winter, it's time to get started. It's really chilling how many men's meticulous achievements have been destroyed under the ruthless ravages of the north wind. Attention, handsome guys, and the matching of scarves should also be exquisite. If you are still stuck in the May Fourth Youth-style scarves, you will fail.
(1) Wrapped

The popular wrapping method is the favorite of most people, not only beautiful but also very warm. Generally, you can choose this kind of squaring method for the jackets of general suits or heavy clothing, and it will not look too bloated and cumbersome. Gentlemen and literary and youthful men can try this matching method.

(2) Cross buckle knot type

Most of the cross-buckle knotting methods are commonly used by men who are easy to use. They are simple but neat, which is suitable for men who often fight in shopping malls. It is suitable for both suits and coats.

(3) Overlapping cross-type
Mature men's wardrobes are all dark and dark, so they often choose a scarf with patterns or textures, black suit + check wool scarf, so that the whole visually presents the mature atmosphere of businessmen.