There is always a striped shirt suit you
06.24.2021 | | Verywear Article

Striped shirts have always been the favorite of fashionistas. Compared with the rigorousness of solid-color shirts, striped shirts are more interesting and make the overall collocation less rigid.

Striped shirt
   So, what are the styles of striped shirts? This time I will give you an inventory of various striped shirts. The most common styles of striped shirts are pencil strips, hair strips, London strips and candy bars. These styles can actually be used as strips for business shirts.

Striped shirt
  The hairline stripes and pencil stripes are asymmetric stripes, that is, the width and spacing may not be the same. Compared with the staid and symmetrical stripes, there is a sense of randomness. The pencil strips are striped like pencil stitches (1~2mm), and the hair strips are lined smaller than 1mm, clear and tight. This tight stripe can easily give people the feeling of a plain shirt. Streaks are hard to find.

Pencil bar
   London bars and candy bars are symmetrical stripes with equal width and spacing. There is no restriction on the color. It can be a single color or two or more colors. The London bars are generally 5mm apart, usually dark blue, with simple decorations, making them more rational and wise.

London striped shirt
   The candy bars are generally spaced 1~3mm apart, and the colors are relatively rich, mostly in the form of white background color bars.

Candy color striped shirt
   Candy bars are similar to traditional Christmas candy wrappers. Designers say that this bar is applied to shirts to create a sense of sweet joy.
   Candy stripe is not a striped shirt with candies, but a colorful striped shirt with candies. Whether it's stripes or polka dots, the most classic fashion element is always black and white, while candy-colored stripes are the opposite.

Striped shirt
These are the more common striped shirts. There are various styles. For lively ones, you can choose candy stripes. For more casual people, pencil stripes and hairline stripes are very suitable. Strict business people can also choose London strips and striped shirts. Various styles, there is always one that suits you.