These 3 kinds of street collocations have a very high return rate
06.21.2021 | | Verywear Article

The shirt is a single product that many boys like, but many boys do not show its versatile effect. What type of jacket looks better with a shirt? These 3 kinds of out-of-street collocations have a high return rate, so don't miss it.

Men's plaid shirt
   Plaid shirts have always been a very classic style, but some boys don’t pay attention to matching colors when matching them. Because of the plaid elements, the color of the whole outfit will be more complicated. You can choose to wear a solid color jacket inside, which will bring a certain sense of color buffering, which can be a good transition to the contrast of the lattice elements!

What kind of jacket looks good on a shirt
You can choose a cardigan or cardigan with a stand-up collar shirt. It is a kind of enduring wear. It exudes a strong literary atmosphere, which is popular with boys and girls. You can give yourself a light color when matching it. The overall image of the trousers is very sunny and artistic, which is very suitable for gentle seniors.

workwear style
   The workwear style, which has become more and more popular in recent years, has become a new trend and is favored by young people. The shirt is matched with an exquisite tooling vest and a plaid shirt is placed inside. The effect of stacking increases the diversity of the overall clothing, avoiding monotonous wear, and putting on a pair of Martin boots to easily help you get out of the street!