These three colors make it easy for you to enhance your style
07.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

In addition to facial expressions, the first impression between people is also an important factor. Now, the pursuit of fashion personality is no longer limited to women, and men can’t bear their commotion. After all, everyone is fair in the pursuit of beauty. Girls have always been in the same way as boys in dressing and matching. front end. Today, I will share with you the color problem of the following boys choosing clothes.

Men's clothing matching skills
It is said that boys and girls have very different views on color, such as red. Girls may accurately divide it into several small categories: red, orange, rose red, etc. But in the eyes of boys, these are all red. However, although boys do not distinguish as finely as girls, boys have yellowish skin, they should pay more attention to the choice of color.
The first recommended color is a camel because different skin tones will have different effects. Generally, choosing a darker color will brighten our skin tone, and camel is a good choice. Regardless of the texture or the overall view, it is slightly better than other colors.
Then there is gray. Gray-black boys have low-key dressing skills. Although the gray color will be weaker, the gray self-cultivation effect is also the best, especially the high-level gray. Black and gray showing thinness is also one of the advantages that have to be mentioned, which can reduce people's viewing angle very well, so as to achieve the function of showing thinness.
The last one is the blue series, which is also an indispensable color in all-match models, especially the navy blue and navy blue are the most popular. These two blues are also more "noble" colors in themselves. This is the most practical color in men's clothing. When paired with a single product with a darker gray level, a fresh literary style is blown away.

This is the end of this issue of boys' dressing skills. Any other practical skills can be shared by everyone.