Top Trendy Color T-shirts In 2021, Upgrade Your Street Style Look
07.07.2021 | | Verywear Article

Among the popular T-shirt colors in 2021, bright colors are obviously more dominant. After all, they are worn in summer. We can choose vibrant orange and green, or simple and versatile light blue, all of which are very beautiful.
1. Bright orange t-shirt

For the first t-shirt, we chose a warm and bright orange T-shirt, which will make you feel full of energy at any time in the summer, and among the popular colors this year, coral orange is also ranked first, so in the summer, we must have an orange For casual t-shirts, men who are worried that the orange will turn black can choose a slightly darker orange, don't choose fluorescent orange.
2. Fresh green t-shirt
The second is a fresh green T-shirt. Wearing green in summer will give you a very comfortable feeling. When we wear a green T-shirt with white items, it looks extra refreshing. Remember to buy dark when buying. A bit of grass green is the most white, so try to avoid fluorescent green.
3. All-match blue t-shirt
The two colors above are more dynamic, so I will bring you a slightly more versatile color in the end. This light blue is also very good-looking in summer. It looks gentle and fanciful, with a lighter one. Color ripped denim shorts, street casual cool and handsome male god is none other than you, blue is a color that is easy to create a gentle temperament.
Are you ready for these three-color T-shirts?