Top-trendy Street Casual Look: White Printed T-shirt
07.07.2021 | | Verywear Article

White printed T-shirts are definitely the king of all-matches in summer. Everyone has at least a few of them. Whether it’s a printed or alphabetic White printed T-shirt, it’s very stylish. So what color hat should we wear when wearing a White printed T-shirt? Is it better?

1. White printed T-shirt with a checkered hat.

I really love this T-shirt! There will be no embarrassment of hitting a shirt at all! It is a wild t-shirt that is always available in the closet. The whole T-shirt is a very loose hip-hop version. , I usually wear loose overalls properly! Here I chose a more special fisherman hat, which is very artistic.

2. White printed T-shirt with a blue hat.

The print on the chest of this White printed T-shirt is my favorite! Two ticked hands haha. And the pattern is still embroidered, and it won’t fade or fall off. The quality is really super assured! Although the T-shirt says that the pattern on the chest is weird and interesting, it is not difficult to match, and it looks great with a cowboy baseball cap.

3. White printed T-shirt with a black hat.

Finally, the fabric of this White printed T-shirt is made of pure cotton. The thickness of this White printed T-shirt is moderate. If worn by a thin person, the wind will feel very cool! Whether it is shorts, jeans, overalls, etc. It can be matched with confidence, it can be regarded as the top 5 single products in my wardrobe! These three colors of hats are very suitable for matching with White printed T-shirts.