Trending White Printed T-shirt This Summer
07.07.2021 | | Verywear Article

When matching white printed t-shirts with pants, most of the colors are actually quite suitable. Among them, the most classic ones are black, denim blue, and khaki pants. Let's take a look at their matching.

A white printed t-shirt with black pants is of course the most classic black and white match. The matching of a white printed t-shirt and black pants is absolutely correct, and in addition to tight black pants, in fact, this spring and summer of this year's side stripes sport The pants are also very good-looking, and when paired with a white printed t-shirt, they are actually slimmer and very energetic.

White printed t-shirt with blue pants. For the second set of matching, we chose light-colored jeans. The T-shirts and pants here are very simple styles. They look very clean and refreshing together. I am worried that light-colored jeans will have thick legs. Friends, you can choose straight jeans like this, instead of picking the legs.

The last set of white printed t-shirt with khaki pants. We chose a pair of khaki shorts to match. This year's daddy pants are also very popular. The knee-length allows you to experience the feeling of neutral wind. The overall color scheme also looks very summer, with a baseball cap of the same color, you will be the coolest this summer.
Have you learned the matching of these three white printed t-shirts?

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