Two-piece T-shirt, Easy To Wear A Sense Of Hierarchy
07.07.2021 | |

The fake two-piece shirts are very special items. You can create fashionable layering without wearing one. Let the single T-shirt in summer become special. Let’s take a look at the good-looking fake two. T-shirt.
Left and right stitching fake two-piece shirts. First of all, we want to recommend this kind of left and right stitching fake two-piece shirts. This T-shirt is very special. The style of the shirt is chosen on the side of the stitching, which makes the fake two more feel Obviously, half a shirt and half a T-shirt are not only very layered but also more fashionable and sexy than a simple T-shirt.

Fake two-piece shirts with internal and external stitching. This kind of fake two-piece T-shirt with internal and external stitching is more common. At first glance, there is a feeling of wearing a vest on the outside of the T-shirt, but in fact, this is a piece of clothing, worn in summer The fake two pieces of this style can create a sense of hierarchy while avoiding the heat of wearing two clothes.
Neckline stitching fake two-piece shirts. Finally, there is a fake two-piece T-shirt stitching on the neckline. The lace of different colors is stitched on the neckline of the pure white T-shirt, which gives people a feeling of wearing one more inside. The white T-shirt has also become elegant and temperament because of the fake two-piece design of the neckline. It is a single product that will look good when worn.
Which of these three different styles of fake two-piece shirts do you prefer?