Want to be candy men? Look at your skin tone and choose the color
06.18.2021 | | Verywear Article

Want to be candy men? Look at your skin tone and choose the color
In the 2015 spring and summer fashion week, all kinds of candy colors are coming. It is bound to create a bright and energetic spring and summer for us. Bright blue, red, and other candy colors that many men don’t try in daily life, how do we mix it? Our own color?
Color recommendations for men with yellowish skin
Warm shades of peach, pink, orange, etc. can neutralize yellowish skin tones and make you look rosy and healthy; cool shades of royal blue and purple will backfire and make you look sickly yellow; at the same time, try to avoid choosing green and Yellow, they will bring out the cyan and ocher in the skin, making the complexion yellower and greener.
Recommended colors for reddish-skinned men.
You can think of your skin tone as a color palette. The adjacent colors of red, yellow and purple will make your skin tone look fresh and clean. It is not advisable to wear beautiful green (we all know that red and green are difficult to control). Green that contrasts with red skin can make the skin look too red or even purple.
Recommended dress colors for dark-skinned men.
People with dark skin should wear bright colors with heavier colors. Orange and royal blue can make your complexion look dark and shiny. It's best not to touch light pink, light green, and other over-matte clothing, they will really make you look rustic.