What are the most fashionable men's jeans in autumn
06.24.2021 | |

There are always a few pairs of jeans in every man's closet, but how much do you know how to wear jeans? What are the hottest jeans this fall? Men's Nest Editor, let me tell you!
   Washed Japanese retro jeans, loose version to modify the leg shape, the crotch design is very individual, the line is neatly designed and the sense is strong, the different casual style, highlighting the personality, the charm value is max~

vintage blue jeans
   dark blue Japanese retro jeans, similar to the previous one, but this fabric is more comfortable, not squatting, full of elasticity, the cotton fabric is environmentally friendly and comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, wear-resistant, and washable.

Men's ripped jeans
  Personalized ripped jeans. These trousers are novel in design and have a strong sense of youth. You will be the youngest cub on the street when you wear them. The bohemian design style and the inherent three-dimensional effect of the pants can make people feel a lot brighter, which is very suitable for boys.

Men's ripped jeans
   Washed light blue denim cropped trousers with holes, three-dimensional tailoring, comfortable and breathable, fashionable and versatile, can be matched with any white shoes, sports shoes, and tops can also be matched at will. The trendy must-have time products.

Men's belted harem pants
Men's buckled harem pants, the style is very good, the tailoring details are very careful, the upper body effect is full, super temperament, it will not have the tightness of conventional jeans, it can better modify the leg shape, it is very convenient for daily wear, fresh and fresh Casual.
The above is the selection of jeans wear in this issue, you can refer to it~