What are the skills for matching men's trench coats? 
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

When it comes to windbreakers, many people may not know that it was born a hundred years ago. After reading this article, you will understand the windbreaker and the matching skills of men's windbreakers. The windbreaker was originally made for British soldiers during the First World War. This is why you can still see that its style is a bit like a military inspiration. The shoulder straps near the lapels and even the muzzle flaps are signs of its military origins. Perhaps no other jacket is as practical as a raincoat than a men’s windbreaker, but with a stylish and masculine taste.

  What is a trench coat?
  A windbreaker is designed to protect you from bad weather. Some people may call this coat a raincoat because of its waterproof or waterproof material and practical functions to keep you warm and dry at the same time.
The traditional design of the    trench coat is double-breasted, with wide lapels and ten buttons, usually with an adjustable belt at the waist. Today, you will realize that the windbreaker has not changed much from the original design, and the fundamentals remain basically unchanged.
   windbreaker fabric
  Most windbreakers are made of cotton gabardine, which is a tightly woven and breathable fabric that is widely used to make suits, coats and windbreakers. Some fashion brands use leather or poplin for coats. Leather trench coats should not be worn in the rain unless they are properly waterproofed.
   the color of the trench coat
   As for colors, classic is the best (beige, camel or taupe), but when everyone else is wearing the same color, you may want to try some bold colors, such as dark blue, olive green or discreet prints.
  How to wear a trench coat?
   work trench coat
   Whether it is a full suit or a separate suit, the trench coat is always the ideal winter coat for formal wear. If the weather is slightly cold, open it and pop out the collar to use as a windbreaker for the neck. Choose a more conservative color, such as beige, tan or black, which is best for office wear.
   For the warm weather, please leave your suit or suit jacket in your closet. You can change your style by just using a combination of a trench coat and a shirt and tie. Make sure that the combination is elegant, soft colors, and the latter's fine patterns. If you need more space when styling, please choose a design without a belt.
   double-breasted trench coat
   A classic double-breasted coat has lapels and six to ten buttons. Most double-breasted coats on the market still have a belt, which can be tapered by tightening the torso. In spring or summer, choose a style that can radiate more air under the jacket. To do this, leave some gaps between the seams of the jacket, and then tie the belt to one side.
   It is important to understand the fit of any trench coat you are buying. For those who like to wear buttoned jackets and have fewer layers underneath, it is best to choose a suitable windbreaker. Otherwise, choose a looser version that allows you to wear many layers under the coat.
   casual sports windbreaker
   If you are looking for a windbreaker that can take both formal and casual looks, a multifunctional, classic casual and sports windbreaker will be a better choice. Remember that flexibility is still the main factor in choosing a casual trench coat. This coat should be paired with jeans today and with a suit tomorrow.
   For a sporty look, choose a loose windbreaker and tie it back with a loose belt. Remember to pair it with sneakers and jogging pants. For casual styles, choose beige, stone, navy or khaki thigh trench coats.
   nine points windbreaker
   Although the classic coat is almost the same length as the knee, tailored versions have appeared on the market and are beginning to gain popularity. The length of this jacket will fall directly below the beltline, making it lighter and helping to extend the torso and make you look taller. A short trench coat is only suitable if you wear a few layers less. As extreme weather conditions can only cover half of your body, it may not be a good choice. A less common variant is a floor-length coat, which, as the name suggests, can cover all the way to the top of your ankle.

   Men’s windbreaker matching skills are introduced here. You can refer to it when choosing a windbreaker, and buy the most suitable windbreaker that best meets your expectations!