What are the types of men's shoes? Inventory of men's shoes
06.23.2021 | | Verywear Article

As a boy, I respect the opinion of many boys in choosing clothes. Shoes must be selected. I also learned that many male compatriots don’t know the types of men’s shoes. inventory.

  1. Formal shoes Formal leather shoes originate from European gentleman culture. Generally speaking, the standard dress shoes are black, brown and Cordoba leather colors. Formal leather shoes are a good choice for business trips.
  2, Martin shoes Martin boots are the originator of street fashion and an important part of the field of fashion culture. It has a retro appearance and is durable in quality. And even if it is worn out, it has a different taste.
  3. Loafers Loafers are very popular among everyone. Nowadays, in addition to having a good experience of comfort, loafers are also constantly innovating in style, which has the magic power to attract the public. Whether it is formal wear or casual wear, loafers can fit well.
  4. Pointed-toed leather shoes Pointed-toed leather shoes were first popular in the rock industry in England in the nineteenth century. The prominent feature of the shoes is a long and pointed head, which is highly recognizable. It is a good helper to match formal wear and casual wear. This picture is provided by registered user "Most Trend*Fashion Fan", copyright notice feedback
5. Casual shoes This kind of shoes is not restricted by structural styles, and has ear style, tongue style, "bun" style, and mixed belt ear button style. The color is flat, elegant, and warm natural color is the main use of men's casual shoes. , Brown, camel, brown, brown, khaki, beach color, beige and other colors are commonly used colors for men's casual shoes. Men's casual shoes are divided into several series, such as business casual, sports and leisure, daily leisure trend, outdoor leisure, and so on.
  6. ​​Brock shoes Thick and sturdy leather shoes with open eyelets. This shoe was originally designed for the Earl of Derby. In 1872, the media said it was the most popular and comfortable shoe. Modern brogues are close relatives of classic shoes, but not too formal.
  7. Monk shoe Shoes with solid buckles instead of laces are brogues equivalent to the choice of form. The monk shoe is named because of the history of its creation: it is believed to be a shoe invented by a clergyman. There are two types of these shoes: single monk (buckle) and double monk (there are two). The first option is considered more formal.
  8. Oxford shoes Exquisite and conservative Oxford shoes are ideal for attending a best friend’s wedding, interview, or dating in the best restaurant in the city. They are considered to be the most formal of all men's shoes. Compared with brogue shoes, Oxford shoes have a more refined sole, a more concise design and tighter laces, which can firmly fix the feet.
   9. Surf shoes appeared in 1997. Surf shoes are characterized by no laces at all (they are replaced by two elastic inserts), and a sturdy flat sole without a heel. Modern styles can be made of high-tech leather, suede, cloth or fiber.
   10. Canvas shoes When the city is too hot, men don’t have to wear strapless sandals. Canvas shoes are shoes invented by the Spanish in the 14th century. They are easily identified by the jute woven sole and the sturdy top of the dense canvas. In the classic style, the tip is closed.